Well, as you can see, Pumpkin has a matching set of shoes now. The extra set of Moab wheels I have, I’m using 2 for this. The others I’ll be using for something else later on. I was able to score a set of MTR 31’s for $10 and got them mounted for free! Guess when you spend enough money at the tire store they will do favors for you 🙂


Here you can see what the 1.25″ spacers would look like originally. But because of the hubs on the trailer axle, the wheels would never fit and nor would the spacers.


So I took them from the store (Jeeperz-Creeperz) directly to the local machinist. They removed the first lip of the spacer. Giving enough clearance to go over the hub. The hole is now about 2.5″ or so. I didn’t mic it but it fits. Notice the centering lip is gone from the outside edge. I don’t see this as an issue because the lugs will center up the spacer and wheel when mounted.



How it looks mounted before the wheel goes on.


Also had to have custom “tie” plates made because of using the factory springs. Most trailer springs are 1.5″ wide. Factory springs are 2.5″ wide. Add that with the tube diameter of the 3500# axle being 2 3/8″. This was done by a nice old timer for me. Pair ran me $25 bucks plus $6 for the material. Holes are 3″ on center both ways. The plate is 4.5″ square.


Lessons learned so far. When ordering an axle, order it 57.0″ WMS to WMS then add 1.5″ wheel spacers. 1.25″ is ok, but I’m going to have to do something special for the “bearing buddy” cover. The 1.5″ would have kept the factory center cap and made a nice cover for the buddy. Order the spacers quickly and have the machinist do the work as soon as possible. As of now the track wide is 62.5″ instead of the being like the Cherokee’s 60″. Next up is getting the axle perches weld up after being centered.

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  1. ddeadserious Says:

    May have missed it earlier on, but why not just use a d35 or 8.25?

  2. admin Says:

    Well, with this being a trailer and a learning experiment. I wanted to use a true trailer axle. Plus I plan on using the saved weight from this axle vs the 8.25″ in other places later on. It might not look very heavy, but moving this thing around is not like a small utility trailer. And I have yet to add all the steel and glass into it!

    If you ever make it up this way, hollar at me… I’ll show it to you in person.