My name is Steve Miller (yes.. I’ve heard all the jokes) and this is just a little about me. As you can tell from getting here, I like Jeeps. I also like other things, but we’ll get to that later. This site is more a personal diary/log book for me to keep information about my Jeeps, what’s done to them and hopefully that sharing my insight, will help others.

I started with a 1994 Cherokee 2door with a blown motor. Replaced the motor and then started going crazy. Rubicon Express lift, bigger tires, etc. I kept that truck for 5 yrs and just recently sold it. The new owner is a 16yr old that worked his butt off all summer. His dad sent me a picture 2 days after they picked it up. Seems he knows how to treat a Jeep, it was covered in mud! 🙂

This new one is from a friend of mine who was wanting a change. He was the original owner and was very meticulous about it, as he is with all his vehicles. After I lifted my first Jeep, he came to me wanting his lifted, just not a big. So we installed a nice 3″ lift. I’ve got great ideas for this one!

I’ve also got this other crazy project going right now. I cut a 2door Cherokee in half, then took 8″ of the Comanche truck back wall and put them together! Should make for a good trailer for the trails or street. It got dubbed, Pumpkin. Find the pictures and you’ll see why.

I’m also a motorcycle rider. It’s a 98′ Yamaha YZF600r. I enjoy that peace you get from being out on the road and feeling the bumps and pebbles under the tires.

I’m also the one of the founders and administrators for CamaroV6.com/FirebirdV6.com. A site dedicated to those cars that always seem forgotten about. Well, we felt those owners needed a place of their own and we built it. Stop by if you’d like.

Hang out, look around and if you have question/comments, feel free!


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  1. mark weir Says:

    Steve, thanks for posting the OBDI info. I have a 95 cherokee with 238K and am having intermittent problems with not starting. I pulled these codes and the procedure from your site about a year ago and….I’m back. I also have a 45 Very Early Civilian 2A and a 46 2A. Peace and Jeep On.

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