23  Oct
Loose track bar

Needed to order a new track bar screw and retaining nut as the one I used, became stretched and loose. Figured may as well use the factory spec ones since the 8.8 one I used didn’t work very well. Another 100 mile trip and seems to be holding much better. Guess 10.9 strength does make a small difference.

Parts were only $10.60 plus tax. One day order time from the local dealer.

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Well, as you can see, Pumpkin has a matching set of shoes now. The extra set of Moab wheels I have, I’m using 2 for this. The others I’ll be using for something else later on. I was able to score a set of MTR 31’s for $10 and got them mounted for free! Guess when you spend enough money at the tire store they will do favors for you 🙂


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