Odd thing, you always want to know that the blood in your motor is always flowing. The only way to know that is the oil pressure gauge. Mine decided to have issues recently. On cold start it would go to 40-50psi and under acceleration, it would peg out over 80+psi. Knowing that I normally run 40psi cold and 25psi on hot idle, I started poking around the net for a reason. After finding more than one comment on NAXJA about high oil pressure gauge pegging out and it being caused by a bad oil pressure switch, I figured it was time to replace mine. Autozone had it in stock (#PS401) for $46.99. It is mounted just above the oil filter on the 4.0L motor. Using a 1 and 1/16″ socket to remove the old one, the new one already came with pipe dope on the threads. This is to make a good seal, remember this is under pressure. Total time for R&R was about 15 mins, that includes cleaning up and toping off fluids. An easy fix, a bit pricey for such a small thing, but well worth it to make sure you can see how your motor is running!

Posted by mechanic, filed under Maintenance. Date: March 22, 2008, 10:32 pm | Comments Off on Oil pressure high???